Museum Of Icecream 

Ever since I chose the theme to Olivia’s first birthday as Icecream, I wanted to visit the museum of Icecream in Los Angeles.  Once tickets were available in June, I snatched up 2 tickets to take my mom with us.  It definitely did not disappoint! 

We arrived to the pink building and waited outside till our time was called.  Once inside you move from room to room.  You can spend as much time as you want in each room, but once you leave you can’t go back.  Each room was full of different Icecream and color pop art exhibits by different artists.  It definitely made for some great photo ops and they passed out Icecream and treats in each room! 

We didn’t go in the Sprinkles pool though since Olivia is too young. She kept trying to pick up the Sprinkles on the ground.  

Unfortunately, they are completely sold out and then moving to San Francisco next.  If you get the chance to see it in SF, I definitely recommend.  

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