Sweater Weather 

So, it was 70 degrees in Southern California today.  While the rest of the country with real weather probably thinks that’s beach weather, here in Southern California we broke out the jeans and sweaters and pumpkin spice lattes today.  🍁🍂☕️

Now don’t get me wrong, I love summer.  But it’s been a constant 100 plus degrees since about June, and no one enjoys feeling like they are sitting directly on the sun. ☀️

With the cooler weather I finally got to break out the cooler weather fall clothes I’ve been hoarding and drooling over for Olivia. This Old Navy sweater is so adorable I could practically open up my wallet and shout at the store “here take all my money” but, since it’s Old Navy and affordable, I don’t have to. 😂 

Bow: Liv Lov Create $5.99 Use code OLIVIA10 for 10% off 

Sweater: Old Navy $19 It comes in dark green too (which we have too) 

Jeans: H&M $14.99

Shoes: Adidas We bought ours at Nordstrom Rack for $26 but they are hard to find.  

This outfit has me so excited for fall.  Let’s get it together Mother Nature and bring us some clouds.  Thanks in advance. 

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