Rodan and Fields Reverse Lightening Treatment Review 

Most of you probably can’t tell because I cover them up with makeup, but I’ve had freckles since I was a kid. Over the years I’ve developed some sun spots and discoloration. After I was pregnant in 2015, I noticed they had amplified.  I was no longer happy with my bare skin makeup free.  

So I began thinking about my options. 

  • Laser photo facial ($200-$500 per area per visit) 
  • Chemical Peel (scary) 
  • Research brands and buy products at Sephora (can get EXPENSIVE)
  • Rodan and Fields ($190)

I have a friend who sells R&F, and I’ve been noticing some of the results she’s been posting, and finally decided to give it a try.  If it works, then it’s the cheapest treatment! If it doesn’t work, then I can move onto the others.  

Before October 9, 2017 

Waiting for my shipment to arrive. I will be using on my face, chest and arms. I’ll probably go through the product quicker because I’m using on more areas than just my face. 

October 10, 2017 

I received my treatment regimen.  It’s important to read the box! It says to start out once a day, every other day for the first week.  Then work your way up to twice a day, every day, for the rest of the 4-6 weeks. This is important because it gives your skin a chance to get used to any harshness of the product. 

My first time using the scrub I definitely could feel like it was working.  My skin felt super fresh and clean like I had just had a spa treatment. 

October 26, 2017

I’ve been using the products for a little over 2 weeks now, and can definitely see a difference in my skin.  My darkest spots have faded and lightened, and my skin looks overall brighter, more youthful. 

I’ve been using gycolic and retinol pads with it too.  I wipe my face with these after I wash with the scrub but before the toner and treatment.  These are by skinscript. I’ve used this brand before and love their products.  I bought them at a local skin spa but you can find them online, HERE.  

Here are my mid trial before and after results: 

I’m definitely excited to see the final results after 60/90 days.  

March 12, 2018 

Final results and overall review.   I still have some product left.  I must admit I’m not the best at washing my face every day so doing it twice a day like recommended was almost impossible for me.  I’m going to break down each product pros and cons. 

  Step 1: Deep Exfoliating Wash


  • My favorite part 
  •   It’s a scrub so I definitely feel like my skin is fresh and clean after using.   
  • It has a citrus smell which I love. 


  • No cons in my opinion, other than I’m not good at washing my face twice a day. 

Step 2: Skin Ligtening Toner 

I overused the toner and ran out of that a while ago


  • Citrus smell 
  • I definitely felt like this product helped lighten my skin 
  • Left my skin feeling fresh 


  • Easy to overuse and run out quickly if you not have the gauze pads that come with it (you can purchase them extra) 

Step 3: Skin Lightening Treatment 

I still have some of this product left because I only used at night.   It left my skin a tad greasy feeling, so I only used it at night.  


  • I definitely feel this product helped lighten my skin 
  • I still have some left after 5 months 
  • Nice citrus smell 


  • Left my skin slightly greasy so I only wanted to put it on at night and not during the day.   

Full disclosure I never used the R&F products just by themselves,  I used with my retinol glycolic pads. Also, starting March 1, I started using a Retin-A cream prescribed by my dermatologist.  She said my skin looked great but, I definitely had some stubborn freckles that weren’t going away.   R&F does sell a Retinal cream but mine is pure, and with insurance only $5.  

If you are pregnant or nursing, Retin-A cream is recommended not to use.  Especially if pregnant! I did some research though and if breastfeeding, topical Retin-A cream is ok because so little goes into the breastmilk if any at all.  Taking an oral/pill form of Retin-a is not advised.  But still that was my personal choice.  I’m not as strict on what I eat or use while nursing, especially now since I’m only nursing 2-3 times a day and not 100%.  I was while pregnant and during my first year of breastfeeding though.  Now that Olivia’s almost 2 and eating food, I could stop breastfeeding tomorrow if I wanted to.  I have also done a lot of research on what products go into milk supply vs what do not.   A lot of information out there (such as breastfeeding and anesthesia) is outdated and definitely does a disservice to breastfeeding mothers.   I’d definitely talk to your dr before using any of these products while pregnant or nursing though.  

** update, my friend Sharon mentioned you can buy each product individually, they are just more expensive than if you got them all in the kit.  

I feel like skincare takes a village.  I don’t think there’s any one miracle product that does everything, but many good products used together can give you good results.  

I definitely feel using the R&F Lightening Regimen was a good start and lightened my spots a good amount, but I also need Retin-A to finish the job.  

Left: October 2017

Right: March 2018 (5 months using products) 

Both pictures I have ZERO makeup on 

Especially since I recently had my eyebrows microbladed, ( I’ll do another blog post on that!) I definitely would feel confident going out with no makeup on or especially minimal makeup.  🏆🙌🏻


Do you feel it lightened your skin?  Yes.  Not 100% but definitely made a noticeable difference.  I think my results were amplified by using other products with it.   

Would you buy again?  Yes and no.  I don’t think I need anymore since it did it’s job and I’m finishing with the Retin-A cream, but I’m satisfied with buying it and don’t feel it was a waste.  I would buy again periodically to freshen up and brighten as needed, if I get any more sun spots.   

Was it worth the money? Yes, all of the products were good and I noticed a difference.  It’s cheaper than some options out there.   I will say if you do your research you can definitely find similar products out there at Sephora or online, but buying this set is convenient.  

Where can I buy?  You can buy from anyone that sells R&F.  If you don’t know a rep, I bought from my  friend   Sharon.  You can see products and purchase here.  

Some other R&F products I have used and like are: 

Lip renewing serum

My lips are always chapped and feel so soft after I put this on.  I keep just using samples but I seriously need to jus buy the big jar of it! 

Micro-Dermabrasion Paste

I’m always a huge fan of a good scrub.  This scrub definitely left my skin super greasy and clean but was not harsh on my skin.   

* Make sure you get the Lightening regime, not the Brightening.  They are two different regimines.   Brighten is for dull skin. Lighten is to get rid of sun spots etc.  

I hope this review was helpful. It was 100% honest.  I don’t sell the products so my review does not benefit me in any way.   I have always wanted to try it, and since I started it, I’ve had so many people message me on Instagram asking how I liked it, if it worked, etc., so I felt like a review with my experience and results would be helpful to anyone also considering it.   

If you have any questions, leave them in the comments for me! 

5 thoughts on “Rodan and Fields Reverse Lightening Treatment Review 

  1. Hello, I’m wondering if you kept using the reverse lightening? If you took a break from using it, did the freckles come back?


    1. Hi! I haven’t repurchased the entire system yet but I do still buy the face wash and sunscreen. You won’t get any new freckles or sunspots as long as you use sunscreen.


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