Perfect Eyebrows with Microblading 

I recently got my eyebrows microbladed and I wanted to share my experience. 

I’ve hated my uneven eyebrows for a while and like every girl, penciled them in every day.  Some days they would look good, other days I’d look like Joan Crawford (says my mom 😂). So when I first heard about microblading, I was so excited !! But, I knew I couldn’t just trust anyone who buys blades online, takes a class, and is like “hey guess what, I’m no longer doing real estate I’m doing microblading now!”  Ummm no thanks, stay far away from my face!! 

I knew I wanted to get it done, it was just a matter of finding the right artist to do it.  

I follow Audrina Patridge from the hills on instagram and one day she posted that her sister was doing microblading now.  So of course I checked out her work.  And let me say, I was sold!! She needed to be the one to do mine! 

I sent her an email, and she asked me to send her photos of my eyebrows so she could give me a quote.  (I’m assuming the cost is based on how much work will be involved in building your brows, or how many appointments you might need).  I had decent brows to start with so I was told $750 and 2 appointments. One main appointment and one touchup.  

These were my eyebrows before with eyebrow pencil makeup. Notice how the eyebrow on the right starts further in? 

At my first appointment she tweeted me, and mapped out my eyebrows to be symmetrical.  I have a mole on one eyebrow and it started more in on my face and didn’t hit the starting point where my other eyebrow started.  This was my main issue and what was causing my face to look uneven in photos.  After mapping and drawing, she numbed me up.  Once the numbing cream set in, she started blading.  I could feel the pressure of the cut and hear it but no pain.  It just felt like a scratch kinda, but tolerable.  I’ll pretty much put up with anything though for beauty 😂😂  She fixed my symmetry issue and gave my brows some fluffing.  Then applied the dye. When she was all done and I sat up and saw them for the first time, I honestly was blown away.   They looked amazing! They looked like they belonged on my face, and my face looked instantly more symmetrical.  

Immediately after my first appointment 

Before vs after

Immediately after first appointment 

The aftercare & healing process :  It’s super hard to resist but you can’t touch them for 24 hours.  After 24 hours you wash with antibacterial soap and then leave dry for 5 days.   After 5 days you apply aquaphor to keep them from getting dry.  After 7 days you can get them wet with water to wash your face but no face products or wash until 14 days.  They are fully healed at 4 weeks, and right about that time you have your follow up to fix any spots that didn’t take to the dye or if you want to go thicker etc.  

Healing process. Top: before Middle: after Bottom: 7 days later 

Before.  After. 7 days. 14 days healed. 

These are all after about a month healed, right before my touchup appointment. 

The first few days of healing they were a little flaky and super itchy.  Microblading is a micro blade that makes a super thin cut and then dye is rubbed into it.  It’s different from a tattoo that does more shading and insets the dye as the needle goes in.  This is why microblading is semi permanent and lasts 1-3 years depending on aftercare.  It’s important not to use any products that lighten your face around your eyebrows.  Also during the healing process don’t pick any scabs or pieces off you’ll pull off the dye too.  Leave them alone and let them heal and you’ll get the best results.  

I put aquaphor on them every day for a month.  

I’m a month healed now from my touchup and sooooo happy I did it! I wake up with perfect eyebrows and my makeup routine was cut in half.  I feel like I can leave the house with no makeup on now and not look scary.  

Touchup appointment:  it’s important to go to your touchup appointment because sometimes the cuts that were made don’t heal properly and the dye flakes off, causing you to have unevenness or missing areas.  The touchup appointment will correct that.   

Immediately after touchup appointment 

Fully healed after touchup appointment

How well you heal and how long your brows last depends on your after care and products you use.  Make sure to follow all aftercare instructions.  

My advice for brows that wow:

  • Find someone who does quality work. You get what you pay for! It’s your face.  
  • Follow all aftercare instructions 
  • Go to the touchup 
  • Trust your artist.  The goal is to have the best eyebrows that match your face.  If you go in there with an inspo picture that doesn’t fit your face, you’re results are not going to be the best.  

Recommendation: If you’re in the Southern California area and want your eyebrows done, I highly recommend Casey Loza from Sacred Brows.  I’ve linked her Instagram here 

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