Popsockets Review 

I used to think people who had the “bigger iPhone” were nuts.  Who would seriously want a phone that big? 

Well, several months ago I ate my words and I finally got the iPhone 8 plus.  Yeah, I know the X is out, but I like to be a phone behind because it’s cheaper.  There’s always a lot more deals and discounts when you’re buying the phone that everyone is literally getting rid of.  

Anyways, back to the phone.  Once I went plus, honestly, I don’t think I can ever go back.  Sometimes I hold my husbands smaller iPhone and it seems so tiny to me.   

But, with a big phone comes an even bigger problem.    Holding it with one hand is literally almost impossible!!! I know there’s a few options out there like the loopycase and popsockets.  The loopycase didn’t appeal to me because you have to stick your finger through it and I don’t think it would work if I wanted to turn my phone sideways.  The popsockets works great for that.  

Trying to text, surf the internet, instagram, take a picture or a selfie with one hand and a big phone is now possible with my popsockets!!  

You can grab it at any angle because it’s a circle. 

If it’s fully popped out, you can turn your phone sideways and it becomes a stand for your phone.  This is great for when watching videos.   

You can put your popsockets on any phone or case.  Loopycase is an actual case so it won’t work with any other case.    Loopycase 

When you’re not using the phone, you can push the popsockets back in and it fits flush against your phone so it’s not awkward in your pocket.  
You can even customize your own popsockets with your own picture and colors! I made one with a picture of Bella.

If you’re interested in getting your own and want to save 15% off your entire order, Click here and use discount code TAMARAIRELAN15 at www.popsockets.com

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