Family Christmas Photos 

I know it seems almost crazy that these are our first family photos, evvvveeerrrr.  Olivia’s almost 2 1/2.  But we kept putting it off, thinking we’d want her to stand.  Then once she was standing we thought it might be better if she was walking.  Once she was walking we thought she’d walk away too much. Then she wouldn’t sit still, etc.  But honestly I felt like there really was no perfect time, and time was just passing us by.  

She’s almost 3 and we literally have no family photos of us from the first 2 years.  Part of it is my fault.  I’m the one who loves to take photos, so they are always of just Olivia or Olivia and daddy, etc.  Every time someone finally takes one of us I’m super critical of it. I don’t like my hair, don’t like my smile, Etc etc.  I need to learn to be less caring of what I look like and more caring of the memories I’m making.  When I’m old and Olivia flips through photo albums I’ve saved I want there to be more photos.  More of me, more of us, more of everyone.  

Anyways, I’ve always loved Christmas so a Christmas Tree farm felt like a perfect spot for our first family photos.  

My advice, take the photos! Take all the photos!!! The memories are priceless. Who cares what anyone else thinks.  ❤️

Outfit details: 

My sweater: Vici Collection sold out in white but there’s other colors 

Here in Grey

 Similar & Matching toddler one OMG 😻

My Jeans: Express High waisted jeans

My Boots: Melrose and Market from Nordstrom sold out but similar Here and Here

My Cami: Express downtown cami 

Similar Here and Here

Olivia’s Outfit:

Dress: Zara   Similar Gap Similar Old Navy

Boots: Zara sold out.   Similar Zara

Fur Jacket: Old Navy (past season) Similar Here

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