Sweater Weather – Mommy & Me 

Ok so today I was telling Garret that he’s slacking major on being my Instagram Husband and he needs to step it up.  

I pick out our outfits and start to get Olivia dressed.  She’s trying to put on her own shoes and can’t, so it turns into a complete meltdown and she won’t let me dress her.  So obviously that’s an “inappropriate time” to try to take a mommy & me picture.  So off we go to Costco, where after a long nap the meltdown continues. I literally had to hold her through the entire store letting her put her hand down my shirt on my boob since I wouldn’t nurse her.  🙄 

After Costco, we pull out all the stops and go to Chuck E Cheese. She eats some pizza and plays tons of games.  She gives Chuck E Cheese the stink eye and we left with a paw patrol sticker book prize and some dipndots ice cream.  Finally, a good mood, and some adorable photos to prove it! 

Being a girl mom lets me live out all the mommy me matching goals.  Like when the random cashier at Costco says “hey you two match, how cute”. You bet we do and yes I planned it 😂😂😂

Outfit Details: 

My sweater: Vici Collection (no longer available) 

Similar Old Navy (under $20!!!!!!) 

My Jeans: Express (currently on sale!!)

My Booties: Nordstrom Susina Blakely Booties

My Beanie: Forever 21   And   Similar Forever 21 

Olivias Sweater: Gap

Olivia’s Jeans: Old Navy

Olivia’s Shoes: Mikoleon Heirloom boots

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