Friday Favs – Dermablend

Welcome to my first Friday Favs post. Each week I will highlight a favorite product or brand of mine.

This week is my OG favorite, DERMABLEND COSMETICS

I have been using Dermablend cover creme foundation since I was around 14 years old. I was introduced to it by a modeling coach when I was looking for something to cover up my freckles. I had been using those awful lipstick like concealers that looked like war paint (so unnatural!)

Once I used Dermablend for the first time, it was LOVE. I’ve literally used nothing ever since to cover my face. Here’s why I love it.

  • It was originally meant for people with severe skin imperfections like burns, scars, discoloration etc.
  • It goes on so naturally and looks like my own skin.
  • It’s waterproof so you can swim with it or sweat at the gym, doesn’t come off.
  • When I’m wearing it people cannot tell I’m wearing any makeup and think I just have flawless skin.
  • It covers literally anything…pimples, scars, brown spots, redness, dark circles.
  • One jar lasts me a year, sometimes longer. (Does your current foundation last you a year???)

I use 2 colors. The correct color for my skin all over, and a shade lighter for contour and highlight.

Left: no makeup. Right: Dermablend

They also have an amazing Makeup setting spray

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