❄️ Snow Angel ❄️

When you get what feels like almost an entire month long of rain, the only thing that makes up for it is SNOW!!!

Luckily, living at the base of the mountains in Southern California, snow for us was just a 10 minute drive. The day I took Olivia up, we had just been at Disneyland all morning and afternoon (rough life, I know 😂). We got home around 3pm, and it had snowed the day and night before, so I threw on her snow clothes and off we went.

She had the perfect little snow outfit. I actually bought most of it last winter but we didn’t use it, so I was lucky it still all fit. I wish I had put as much effort into my outfit though…..

We get up to the snow, park and I get her out. She saw the snow and screamed with excitement!! I took one step onto the icy pavement and almost did the splits. Instantly I knew I had worn the wrong shoes (flat boots with no traction, wtf was I thinking??). But Olivia was already excited so I decided how bad can it be? Oh Tamara, really bad. I literally couldn’t walk. I was sliding all around, starting to get into panic mode as Olivia tries to head down the hill (in her perfect snow shoes).

My options are to leave and break her heart, stay and die trying, or just go into a store and buy something to help. I opt to shop. I walk in, ask the clerk for the cheapest shoes that I can walk in the snow in. $45 later I walk out with some Hunter dupes that surprisingly I actually love!! Even better, I was able to walk and run in the snow and we had the best afternoon!!!

She loved the snow! She kept picking up balls of snow saying “snowman snowman”. Her being her fearless self wanted to do the sleds like the big kids….so next time I take her, I’m going to rent one. Luckily for us, we’re getting rain & snow all week, so we’ll have plenty of snow days ahead.

Jacket: Zara (sold out) Similar Similar Similar & on sale! Similar in black

Snow Pants: Old Navy (sold out) Similar (Target) pack of 2!!!

Snow Boots: Target (exact) Similar (Also target)

Sweater (not pictured): Old Navy Sherpa pullover (so warm! A winter favorite)

Snow Hat: H&M (pink sold out) Red Grey White Similar pink

Mittens: Zara (Sold out) Similar in grey

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