Friday Fav – T3 curling iron + blowdryer

Let’s be real, before my T3 curling iron, I thought spending $50 on a hot tools one was expensive! But when it comes to some products, you really do get what you pay for. I’ve learned it’s ok to splurge on some staple items, especially when they are as fabulous as these!

I’ve always had my eye on these, so when I saw them at Costco for under $100 I begged my husband for them. He, always loving a good deal, made me google them on the spot and prove how good of a deal they really were. I won and in the cart they went.

Before my T3 curling iron, I was using the best ceramic hot tools curling iron and I was never really happy with it. I felt like it would break every year or so, it wouldn’t ever get super hot even on the hottest setting, and my curls were flat or gone by the time I got to wherever I was going. (Such a waste of time). My T3 is going on 2+ years with no issues. My curls not only last all day, but I usually wake up with curls still even though I’m a crazy sleeper.

I also never had invested in a good blow dryer either. When I moved in with my husband I was using the same $39 Conair from Target that I’d been using for years. I never really knew what a difference a good blow dryer can make until I used one. After the very first use I could tell such a difference with my hair. It dried in almost 1/2 the time. It was healthier, shinier and softer! I’ll seriously never use another cheap crappy blow dry ever again.

My husband even had to use it once and commented to me that it was a really nice blow dryer. (Coming from a guy, that’s a great review!)

Although I purchased mine from Costco 2 years ago, you can get them at most big retailers. Nordstrom, Sephora, Macy’s, Ulta, Amazon, etc.

Perfect beach waves I’ve linked the exact ones I use and love.

Cheapest I’ve found online:

Macy’s T3 Curling Iron 1.25” ($129) (normally $160)

QVC Curling Iron 1.25” $129 (has payment plan options!)

Zulily T3 Featherweight Blowdryer $99) (normally $150-$200)

Sams Club Black blowdryer $89!!!

Curling Iron:

Sephora Curling Iron 1.25” $160

Sephora Bodywaver $149

Bloomingdales Curling Iron 1.25” $160

Blow Dryer:

Sephora T3 Blow dryer with attachments $149

Sephora Featherweight compact folding blow dryer $150

Ulta Pink compact featherweight dryer $150

QVC Blow dryer $119

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