April 11, 2009

April 11, 2009 started out like any normal day. Garret and I went to our local mall and we checked out some of the jewelry stores to look at rings. We had only been dating 9 months, but we knew we both wanted to spend the rest of our lives together. We had been openly talking about getting engaged and looking at rings, etc. In face, the week prior we were in Las Vegas and I found a ring I loved but wasn’t quite sold 100% on it.

Garret wanted me to be involved in getting the ring I wanted because I do not want a bad or a set. I wanted to just have 1 ring with a halo around it. Since I wanted something specific, he did t want to surprise me with a ring and then it not be the one I wanted to wear forever. It may seem strange, but we had a lot of open, honest and practical talks about getting married, and picking out the ring together was just a natural thing.

Anyway, so there we were at the mall. Garret let’s me know his friend owns a jewelry store here and he’s probably get a great deal. I didn’t see anything I liked so as he was finishing up talking to his friend, I went outside of the store. And there it was….in the window….the ring. THE ring. It was beautiful! I ran in and they brought it out and put it on my finger. My exact words were omg Garret I love it! I had never owned a diamond before, and suddenly I was wearing 32 diamonds. I was in love. So…..he bought it.

We left the mall and drove home….with the ring, in the box, in the bag. Was I engaged? Was he going to stick it in a drawer for 6 months and surprise me? So many questions. I turned to Garret and asked, “so are we…engaged?” He goes “yeah, we’re engaged”. 😂 I put the ring on and call my mom. We start calling all our friends and no one actually believed it at first because it came out of nowhere.

Sooooo, when we get home, I took it off and put it on the table and said “I don’t care how or when but you need to ask me to make it official.” I then went upstairs to do some laundry. When I came back downstairs, there he was with the ring in hand, and he asked me if I’d marry him.

I love our engagement story because it’s OUR engagement story. It’s real, it’s funny, it’s love. Happy engagement anniversary Garret. ❤️

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