Friday Favs – Dermablend

One of the biggest compliments I get is my “perfect skin”. But honestly, I feel my natural skin is definitely far from perfect. I have freckles, sun spots, rosacea, uneven skin tone, the occasional pimple. But this miracle cream in a jar literally takes that all away!!

I’ve used products and had treatments that help, but this makeup is still seriously the best I’ve ever found. I’m always torn between wanting to shout it from the rooftops and wanting to keep it to myself so it doesn’t sell out. But I feel compelled to share my little secret miracle product.

Shop it: Dermablend Cover Cream Ulta $39

I originally found Dermablend cover cream when I was in high school. A modeling agency turned me onto it because I had been using that horrible cover stick stuff that looked like war paint to cover my freckles. Dermablend was designed for people with serious skin issues, burns, scars, vitiligo etc.

I love it because it goes on clean, looks and feels like I’m wearing nothing but has amazing coverage. It has spf and it’s waterproof too. You can even cover a tattoo with it.

It comes in tons of shades. I use 2 different shades to give my face definition.

Aaaannnyywaaayyss, as embarrassing as it is to post a picture of yourself on social media without makeup, here is my before and after using just the Dermablend cream, nothing else. Also, I only use a little bit of it. I’d get even more coverage if I used more but I like a more subtle natural look.

Best of all, one jar literally lasts me an entire year.

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