Fall Outfits

Fall is my favorite time of year. The weather finally begins to cool down after being like 103 degrees for 3+ months. You break out the cardigans, the sweaters, the jeans and the booties! Pumpkin patch calls your name. Before you know it, it’s Halloween, then thanksgiving, then my favorite holiday……Christmas!!!! I love the colors of fall. The maybes, rusts, mustards, Browns, caramels, creams. These colors make me happy and are flattering on almost everyone.

Fall is definitely my favorite season to style outfits for Olivia too. Here are some of my recent favs.

Top: Old Navy $17

Dress: Cotton On Kids (not available online)

Similar: Zara $19.90

Socks: Zara $7.90

Boots: Mikoleon Heirloom Unisex Boots $78

Top: Zara $22.90

Shorties: Erinn&Lou $16

Shoes: Old Navy $19.99

Dress: Zara (last season) no longer available

Socks: The Little Pair $12 color: Rose

Boots: Mikoleon $78

Top: Target Genuine Kids (no longer available)

Cardigan: Cotton On Kids $34.99 comes in Grey and Green

Skirt: NEXT $14-$17 Comes in 5 colors (camel, green, red, mauve, berry)

Socks: The Little Pair $12 Color: Rose

Boots: Mikoleon Heirloom $78

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