Cute & Easy Toddler Halloween Costumes

Since Halloween is around the corner I wanted to share a few looks I put together with clothes and accessories from Target for Halloween.

Since most kids only wear a costume once or twice, using clothes you will be able to wear before and after halloween is a great way to stretch your dollars.

Woody from Toy Story

Whole Costume: $68

I used this cute yellow toddler dress from Target. Paired it with jeans, cowboy boots and the woody accessories kit also from Target. The accessories kit comes with the hat, vest and bandana.

After Halloween is over you’ll be able to reuse the dress, jeans and shoes!!

Everything is linked here

Winnie The Poo

Whole Costume: $50 (boots are $20)

I paired this teddy fur jumper with a basic red long sleeve top, bear ears and boots for a simple & cute Winnie the poo.

This jumper would also be adorable for a regular bear, or a lion costume. Just paid with a brown shirt and different ears.

The jumper, boots and top will get plenty of wear after Halloween!

Everything is linked here

Witch Costume

Whole costume $28

This dress is so cute and would definitely get a lot of use after Halloween. I paired with a witch hat and broom.

Another cute idea would be to take the dress underneath off an wear the sheer part over another outfit to be on trend with the sheer look.

Everything is linked here

Update: this dress is sooo cute!!!!

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