Family Pictures 2019

Since I’m usually the one taking the pictures, I’m never in them….unless we get professional pictures taken. It can get expensive but since it’s just the 3 of us I always wait till a photographer offers a mini session. It’s always 1/2 the price and you get 15-20 minutes and 10-30 images….which is plenty for us!

My Dress: Target $25

My Boots: Melrose & Market from Nordstrom Rack a few years ago. Similar Similar Similar

My Hair Clips: Nordstrom Rack $14.97

Olivia’s Dress: Zara Kids last season. Similar

Olivia’s Bow: Julia Camila Co $11

Pinwheel bow, color Autumn

Olivia’s Socks: The Little Pair $12 color: Cyal

Olivia is wearing size 1-2y (she wears a size 6&7 shoe)

Olivia’s Boots: Mikoleon Heirloom Boots Olivia is wearing size 21

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