Fall Floral 

Now that it’s August, I’m getting excited for my favorite season!!!! Fall! Not that I haven’t been enjoying this 100 degree weather every day.   I’ve been busy buying up Olivia’s fall wardrobe.  I know even typing that out it sounds crazy.....she’s 2....but picking out her outfits makes me super happy.   Besides my favorites … Continue reading Fall Floral 

Breastfeeding: You’re not drying out I promise 

I’ve been successfully breastfeeding for 22 months now; however, it was definitely not easy and at times super stressful.  The first few months I was constantly “full” and my breasts were even hard at times.  I was pumping 3-5 ounces each boob in between feedings.   Then......the stress started.  I stopped feeling “full”.  Olivia seemed … Continue reading Breastfeeding: You’re not drying out I promise