My Breastfeeding Journey 6/17/2019 was the last night I breastfed my sweet Olivia, although I didn't know it then. This date was her actual birthday, she turned 3. I NEVER planned on breastfeeding till 3, heck, I've been trying to stop since she was one. Honestly I have mixed feelings about going this long and … Continue reading 6.17.19

Breastfeeding: You’re not drying out I promise 

I’ve been successfully breastfeeding for 22 months now; however, it was definitely not easy and at times super stressful.  The first few months I was constantly “full” and my breasts were even hard at times.  I was pumping 3-5 ounces each boob in between feedings.   Then......the stress started.  I stopped feeling “full”.  Olivia seemed … Continue reading Breastfeeding: You’re not drying out I promise